Marriage Proposals

…A funny thing happened the other day. You suddenly found yourself thinking about marriage proposals and diamond rings. And not just diamond rings, either, but those other big expensive things that go along with ’em. You know, weddings.

Well, let us be the first to say: Congratulations!

If you’re wondering: Is the time right to propose? How will I know its time to propose marriage? Or what am I in for? Don’t sweat it. These are the questions behind THE question; that’s why we’re here. We’d like to help with the answers and share with you the very best marriage proposals

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Marriage proposal with mystery: lead her to a large sign saying Will you marry me? with clues and hints – as playing the signs game. The clues can be sent to her by text message to her mobile phone, hiding notes in various places, emailing her or just calling her on the phone and telling her she should arrive to a specific point at a specific time. This general idea allows you much room to improvise and create a unique game that will match her character and style.

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Best Marriage Proposal:

It was my birthday. Ted prepared a surprise for me: he told me he was taking us for a fun day and he wasnt prepared to tell me what it was. He said that because of the surprise he was going to ask me to keep my eyes closed so I would…. read more


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