A. Wolf’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:25-30 years old
Partners Gender:Male
Partners Age:25-30 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:2 Year
Approx. Budget:$5000-$10000

Best Marriage Proposals: Edward proposed to me in a kind of Matrix – Style. That day we were celebrating two years of our relationship and he knew what time I was supposed to finish my work so he called me 5 minutes earlier to tell me: Amanda, Ive prepared a small surprise for you, it’s important you follow the instructions. Please, make sure you are on the five oclock train heading home, and keep your phone line clear. I burst out laughing, my boyfriend has a good sense of humor but this was beyond my imagination, yet he continued: I am serious; I don’t want you to miss the surprise. I told him I would do as he has asked me, packed to leave and started to head towards the train station. 2 minutes later my phone rang, Ed asked me to get off one station before my usual station and told me which exit to take. I followed the instructions and when I headed out of the station a man, whom I had never seen before, handed me a red rose. It had a note tied to it saying: well done, youve followed the instructions and it seems you are doing well, remember, following the directions will bring you good surprises. Your next station is the caf? on your left; don’t forget to hold your red rose up high . I turned to see the local Starbuck’s caf?. I thanked the man and continued. The instant I walked into the caf? the loudspeakers boomed: Hello Amanda, you are welcome to come and take your coffee, have a good day! I was surprised and confused, I walked up to the cashier who gave me a huge grin, handing me a cup of coffee prepared just the way I love it: strong and with a lot of cream on top. This was fun! Now I had a red rose and a cup of coffee! My phone rang once again (Ed had told the shift manager call him the minute I walked through the door).

He asked me: Are you feeling good, are you enjoying this? Do you want to continue? I said to him: Of course I do, its fun and I trust you will lead me to good things. – so we shall continue? he said. He then directed me through the streets to a large boutique where one of the workers, also smiled at me, handed me one of the shop bags – it had a beautiful skirt and blouse inside. This meant Ed had actually shopped for me, and boy, he knew how to choose clothes! In the bag I found a letter directing me to a lady standing in the street, who recited one of Walt Whitmans beautiful and philosophical poems, one which intrigued us both. She handed me a note, decorated with hearts and flowers saying: call me! ED. I called him and said: Ed, this is beautiful and crazy, you are amazing, I just hardly know what to say, where are you? He said: dont worry, soon you will be seeing me, now this time, please go to the SPA on this and that street. Once again he directed me through the streets into a fancy SPA. Then he said good bye, see you soon, follow the instructions given to you by Daisy and enjoy! The moment I walked into the beautiful, large lobby a lady greeted me and introduced herself as Daisy. She said: Darling, you are welcome to enjoy a relaxing shiatsu massage, please turn off your mobile phone so you can enjoy our special atmosphere”. I remembered what Ed said to me about following the instructions and did as she asked me. The massage of course was wonderful and when I walked out of the room I saw Ed kneeling and holding out a gorgeous diamond ring. I ran to him, so happy to see him and threw my arms around him. I said: yes Ed, I love you and want to be your wife. This was the best day of my life.