Creative ideas for proposal

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Here are a few creative ideas for marriage proposal:

Propose while jumping from an airplane with parachutes:

while being in air you probably will not be able to hear one another, but when you arrive back on the ground it can be the perfect moment to pull out the diamond ring and kneel down on one knee.

Here is one more idea:

hang a sign up on your car saying: will you marry me? if you have close friends or relatives who work as truck drivers, fire men or any other job that involves unique vehicles, don’t hesitate to enquire about borrowing the vehicles. Imagine her surprise when she sees a large fire truck heading towards her with a large sign. You can sit beside the driver, or hold on to one of the ladders, and when you stop by her, you could jump off the truck, get down on one knee and pull out the engagement ring.

Extreme sport

if you are both fond of any extreme sport (and even if not….) you can express your idea of a creative marriage proposal by asking her the question while skiing, sailing, scuba diving or any other sport that you find suitable for your creative marriage proposal. You can hold out a sign prepared in advance (good for under water marriage proposals) or just simply ask the question.

Vast productions

these creative marriage proposals are perfect for the dramatic couple, who like to have it BIG: include in your creative idea for the marriage proposal the conductor of an orchestra, and then while the two of you are sitting in the audience of a large, fancy hall, the orchestra would stop its playing and the conductor could read your marriage proposals out loud. This idea and many more, including a unique production, can be an excellent idea for a creative marriage proposal.