D. Jones’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:30-35 years old
Partners Gender:Male
Partners Age:30-35 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:2 Year
Approx. Budget:Below $500

Best Marriage Proposals: Spring of love in the desertWe went for a day tour in the desert. We both enjoyed traveling, hiking and climbing mountains. This time we rented a 4X4 jeep, so we would have access to small and winding paths. Tim was driving; he knew the area well because the college he attended as a student wasnt far. We enjoyed the lovely view and after 2 hours of driving and breathtaking scenery we arrived at an open area where a large sign was hanging saying: Doloress, will you marry me? I screamed with joy and excitement. I turned to Tim to see him pull out a large diamond ring and a bottle of wine. Two of his buddies jumped from among the rocks and video taped all that was happening. This was a lovely way to ask for my hand.