D. Weissfeld’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:30-35 years old
Partners Gender:Female
Partners Age:20-25 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:1 Year
Approx. Budget:$2000-$5000

Best Marriage Proposals: My marriage proposal idea is kind of unique. We were going out for about 3 months when Revital, my girlfriend at the time moved in with me. We both knew we were meant for each other and discussed marriage many times. I explained to her that I wanted for us to be together for a year before taking the next step. I met Revital about 6 years ago just a few days before her birthday so a year later I knew she would be expecting me to propose on her birthday. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant and gave her subtle hints that I was going to propose that night. I am a little teaser by nature, so that night just before we left for the restaurant I gave her a birthday present. I bought her a pair of diamond earrings and put them in a small jewelry box. Of course she expected me to propose at that same instant since the box looked just like a diamond ring box. When she opened the box and saw the earrings you could see she was disappointed since obviously she expected me to pop the question. She put on the earrings, thanked me and we left for the restaurant. The evening went well with us drinking a whole bottle of wine. You could see she was waiting for me to propose and she did her best to give me many opportunities. When we finally asked for the check I could see she was disappointed I didn’t propose.Just before we left for the restaurant I put many presents on her bed and hid the diamond engagement ring under her pillow. I even bought some marriage magazines and had them gift wrapped so she couldn’t tell what they were. We got home and went to bed and then she saw the presents and finally I proposed. We spent the rest of the night going through the marriage magazines and planning our wedding.We have just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and still laugh at how I proposed. How is that for a marriage proposal idea?