F. hasan’s Marriage Proposal

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red roses

Age:20-25 years old
Partners Gender:Female
Partners Age:Under 20 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:1 Year
Approx. Budget:$500-$1000

Best Marriage Proposals: My girlfriend loved flowers. I took her to a flower nursery where I incorporated the assistance of the manager. Amongst the brightly, yellow colored flowers, I arranged to have potted, red colored, flowers placed in the nursery that spelled out the words…”Susan, will you marry me, Brad”. I further hid my spelling by covering the red – worded – flowers with yellow peddles. Then, on cue, the fans were turned on and the loose peddles were blown away to reveal my message. She cried and said yes. Directly behind us was a rose arrangement where I had the ring resting on top of a rose bud. She stills talks about it today.