The trickiest question of all: how to get him to propose. It has been your dream ever since, youve always waited for your prince of charms, and finally he has arrived and you have even been enjoying a beautiful relationship for quite a while. But he isn’t showing any signs of doing anything about it. You decide it is time to make a move and get him to propose to you, and make you the happiest woman in the world. So – what to do?First – stay cool, happy and merry. Men don’t like when women who act nervously; in fact it is the first thing to scare them away.Second – although you have a target in front of you, be a good and loving friend as you have until now – don’t get out of you skin to get him to propose to you. Any drastic changes might seem a little strange.After practicing acting casual and natural, the time to add your little spicy act has come. Your magical sentences should be entwined with your daily conversations and we have gathered a few examples especially for you: Remind him how good you feel together. Point out how well you work as a team.

Talk about future plans, such as a joint vacation next summer, moving to a new house or other future events.Mention your close friends who are married and how happy they are together.Express excitement and interest about weddings and all things that are related to the subject: get enthusiastic about the engagement ring of a friend (don’t forget to make sure your boyfriend is around), make a note of pointing out to him engagement rings in the shop window while passing by, but of course, do it in your in a natural and calm way.

Use these tips and ideas to create your unique way to get him to propose to you. Good luck!