Timing is everything

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When To Propose?

So youve decided youd like to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend. Its a fantastic feeling, isnt it? Well, now comes the hard part. Thats right. Now youve got to find the strength to spend time alone with her without blurting out: WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!! Why? Because if you simply blurt out your engagement proposal, itll probably sound a lot like that sentence looks capital letters, exclamations, and all.

Now, dont get us wrong. Your eagerness is completely understandable. You want to tell people youve found The One. And of all people, shes the one you want to tell the most. After all, shes your best friend! But patience, grasshopper. Shes been waiting all her life for this moment. She deserves a little forethought, dont you think?

Believe it or not, proposing is a lot like comedy. Timing is everything. Well, okay, maybe it isnt a lot like comedy, but timing is no laughing matter rest assured. The difference between good and bad timing may not equal the difference between a yes or no answer (unless you have really, really bad timing), but it could easily equal the difference between a proposal she remembers forever and one she would rather forget.

So when should you propose? Well, it all comes down to one of two choices: Occasions and Non-Occasions. Both have their merits. Lets take a look.