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When starting to plan the marriage proposal to your love, many questions arise. When and how to propose are an essential part of planning yet the decision as to which is the best place to propose is a major point: everything revolves around it. Whether its asked on bended knee, whispered passionately in a romantic place, or shouted at a rugby match, getting the right answer depends on the old adage – location, location, location. Here are some tips that will help you make this tricky decision: which is the best place to propose?

First, try to think of all the places you know she loves, it could be places youve visited in the past together, a beautiful spot not far from your home, or perhaps a romantic restaurant you just know she is crazy about.

Second, take into account an important aspect of any good plan: know in advance before whom you are standing: is she the type who would enjoy a marriage proposal that takes place in public, would she enjoy an enthusiastic crowd applauding in a fancy restaurant, or perhaps she would appreciate it taking place during an intimate dinner at home, or while on vacation in a small cottage in the countryside?

There are also the classic places which are perfect for a marriage proposal, for example: Niagara Falls, or the Eifel Tower. Any of these places, and many more beautiful locations, can also be the best place to propose.

You may even write down a list of these points. This list will provide you with much knowledge which will be very useful while planning and preparing the greatest moment in your life.