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A selection of the best ideas of how to propose marriage, proven throughout history to be the best ways to propose:

  1. Arrange the marriage proposal to take place on Valentine’s Day, the lovers’ day. Anything romantic will fit perfectly: a romantic dinner, love letter, flowers, chocolate and of course one amazing engagement ring.
  2. One of the best ways to propose is to turn your house into the most romantic place in the world: spread lighted candles all over the house, prepare a bottle of good wine or other drink you both enjoy drinking, play soft music and of course make sure she has no plans for that evening. When she walks into the house and sees the efforts you have put into turning your home into a magical place she is sure to be surprised and excited. This is the perfect moment to kneel down on one knee, tell her how much you love her and present her with the beautiful diamond ring you have bought.
  3. While flying in an airplane: the exhilaration of being up in the air together with a romantic and loving marriage proposal has proved to be one of the best ways to propose.
  4. during vacation: this too is one of the best ways to propose: arrange a romantic vacation. It might be in the countryside, or by the beach a few hours drive from your home, or on the other side of the world. The combination of the two of you ‘away from it all – work, family and duties – with your marriage proposal is a win-win situation sure to melt her heart
  5. Marriage proposal with mystery: lead her to a large sign saying Will you marry me? with clues and hints – as playing the signs game. The clues can be sent to her by text message to her mobile phone, hiding notes in various places, emailing her or just calling her on the phone and telling her she should arrive to a specific point at a specific time. This general idea allows you much room to improvise and create a unique game that will match her character and style.