C. Gold’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:25-30 years old
Partners Gender:Male
Partners Age:30-35 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:3 Years
Approx. Budget:$2000-$5000

Best Marriage Proposals: It was my birthday. Ted prepared a surprise for me: he told me he was taking us for a fun day and he wasnt prepared to tell me what it was. He said that because of the surprise he was going to ask me to keep my eyes closed so I would not know where we were going. I was excited, During our long and loving relationship I had come to trust Ted fully, so of course I agreed. He tied my eyes with a white cloth with red letters printed on it saying: “Happy Birthday”, and took hold of my hand. In the following hour Ted was my guide and the vessel to reality, which was now partly cut off from me. This accentuated my excitement and I kept trying to guess where we were heading. Ted directed me to the car and to its front seat. The ride wasn’t long, 20 or 30 min. and was accompanied by good music from the CD playing in the background, and amiable jokes from Ted’s side. The car stopped and Ted took hold of my hand and led me into a building and through various corridors and rooms. Next I was seated once again, this time in a soft and comfortable armchair. When finally Ted took the cloth from my eyes: I was in an airplane; Ted had led me to the nearby flight school, and we were getting prepared for take-off. I was thrilled by the idea of flying; this was an old dream of mine. The airplane was small; there were the two of us and two more crewmen. The flight was planned to go above the fields around the city where we lived. After a few minutes of flying I saw a field with large letters made of pink cloth reading: Carol, will you marry me? yours for ever, Ted. I was in total shock, so many surprises in one morning. I looked at Ted, we kissed and embraced passionately. Finally I was able to say yes, Ted pulled out of his pocket a ring, a bottle of wine was handed out to us by one of the crew and we celebrated our love, flying in the air. The celebration continued when we returned to the airport. The school staff greeted us and applauded as we walked by, and there we also met our friend who had help Ted prepare the letters in the field.