The million dollar question – you are both in love, you are crazy about him, youve been enjoying a good relationship for quite a while (a few months or seven years – and you know this is it. You are ready and you want it to happen, but it just seems as if he has all the time in the world, so how are you going to get your boyfriend to propose? Here are a few tips that will guide you in getting your boyfriend to propose:

  1. Mention weddings and marriage in a general way from time to time, talk about close friends you have who are happily married. Talk about how happy they are together.
  2. Point out your shared interests, values and common goals. Open his eyes so hell realize that youre the one for him.
  3. Create opportunities: arrange romantic situations that could be a suitable time for him to propose: dinners, weekend vacations, any thing that can be the perfect scene for your boyfriend to propose.
  4. magic – use your unique and individual style to show him you love him and that you are the perfect girl for him. This special intermix, what you may call magic, is just being a true good friend and expressing it by action, words and any other way you find appealing.

Remember: when you want to get your boyfriend to propose, be patient, act wisely and don’t forget to enjoy the pre-engagement period of your relation.