How to Propose to a Girl

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The million dollar question – how to propose a girl. As hard as it is to understand a womans heart and mind, so it is hard to prepare for one of the beautiful moments of your life: asking your love to marry you.

Step one: planning

When approaching this exciting and romantic event you might want to take into account a few points to think of:

  • What do you enjoy doing together – throughout your relationship youve sure realized what she enjoys doing, and places she enjoys visiting. These experiences should give you excellent ideas of how to propose to your girl.
  • Things she told you during your relationship such as: I love bouquets of yellow flowers, I am crazy about chocolate, I think Paris is the prettiest place in the world. All these hints can come as useful guide-lines for you while planning how to propose to a girl.
  • Your image of the perfect marriage proposal – you are part of the marriage proposal too! It’s not only about her, but about two people uniting us one. Note that you like your idea of how to propose your girl. It’s a beautiful moment and you should both enjoy it.

Step two: operative

You have an idea. You know how you want to propose your girl, now you have to make it happen.

  • Budget: Decide how much money you have to spend. Make sure you don’t plan a grand marriage proposal which is more than you can afford.
  • Whos in the plan: you might want to include one of your close friend in making the plans, or her best friend or a close family member. These people could be a great a great help to you, and could also point out to you things she might like or dislike. (They also can let you know necessary information as: yes, she is at work right now, you can drive around with the painted bus…)
  • Planning: decide on a time and place, make sure you have everything necessary for carrying out the plan. And most important of all: don’t forget to inform your love about your plans (restaurant, vacation, home dinner) well in advance!