J. Evans’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:25-30 years old
Partners Gender:Female
Partners Age:25-30 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:3 Years
Approx. Budget:Below $500

Best Marriage Proposals: I wanted to propose to Sheryl and I wanted it to be in a surprising and original way, so this is what I did: I had my hand put in plaster, and before covering my arm with plaster (my friend is a medic, so it was not problem faking that one) we put the diamond ring under it. We put the ring in a plastic wrapping so it wouldn’t get dirty, and then poured plaster on it. I waited until it was dry and then I wrote on it Will you marry me and decorated it with hearts. When it was done I called Sheryl to tell her I had broken my arm that morning and that I would soon be coming back home. She got a little anxious about this and insisted on knowing that I was ok and whether I was in pain. I calmed her and said it wasn’t something serious, I was not in serious pain, and that I would be back home in one hour’s time.When I arrived home I received all the love and attention you would expect from a good friend, especially if youve broken you arm…. Let me see she said to me, and I did. You should have seen the look on her face when she read what it said. She couldn’t speak for a minute, just nodded to say yes. We kissed and hugged and it was very exciting. Then I acted as if I had to call my doctor for further instructions. She was standing beside me while I was talking to the doctor who supposedly was telling me it had been a mistake and that I was able to cut off the plaster. Ok, doc. I said down the phone, I will ask Sheryl to cut it off, again, she was taken by surprise, she was shaking her head to say she didn’t want to deal with it – I guess she was little scared – but I insisted. I said, come on, its no big deal and gave her a pair of professional scissors for cutting the plaster open ( I also made sure it wasn’t too thick). Now you can imagine her response when she was surprised the third time in that same hour. Today we are happily married and have 3 gorgeous kids.