K. Grimson’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:25-30 years old
Partners Gender:Female
Partners Age:25-30 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:4 Years
Approx. Budget:$5000-$10000

Best Marriage Proposals: Cynthia and I were going out for four years. We both grew up in the same town, and got acquainted towards the end of high school, We had a good and loving relationship yet being an individualist and a free spirit kind of guy; it took me a long period of time to make up my mind that I want us to marry. I also always knew I prefered intimate and small wedding to the large and exclusive. This was the cause of tension in our relationship but finally my love accepted the fact that we were living together as a couple although not marrying. When I realized that I had changed, and that the best way to show the deep and honest emotions I had towards her was to ask her to maryy me, I decided to surprise her. I knew she was not expecting a marriage proposal and this enabled me to choose from a wide range of actions and style.I took Cynthia for a romantic weekend at an exotic island.

After a few hours flight we arrived at a beautiful island, the sea was turquoise, the sun was bright and it looked like paradise. We spent the afternoon relaxing and swimming in the sea and afterwards had a dinner at a good restaurant. When we returned to our hotel room I pulled out the gorgeous diamond ring, knelt down on one knee and asked Cynthia to marry me. The answer of course was yes. Then I told her the wedding ceremony was already arranged to take place at the small church which is on the island it two days time. Cynthia was very excited but wanted her parents and brother to be present at our wedding.I then called my brother who was part of the plan, who handed out to our families their flight tickets to the beautiful island where we were spending our vacation.They too, were surprised and excited to hear the news. We married three days later, with the company of our families, in the beautiful church on the island that seemed like our personal paradise.