K. Smith’s Marriage Proposal

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Age:35-45 years old
Partners Gender:Female
Partners Age:35-45 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:3 Years
Approx. Budget:$5000-$10000

Best Marriage Proposals: Well, I met my one true love, in fact she was the only woman I have ever loved. She literally bounced into the Harp and Thistle (a local Scottish/Irish pub). I was hooked, cupid had struck me right between the eyes and right through the heart. We had our ups and downs, but we always ended up back in each others arms… wondering how would could ever be apart ever again. Anyway… the Proposal!! Our love for each other was based around our love for Celtic music, our heritage… even a movie (Braveheart) was such an influence. After my Father passed away (who was born in Scotland), I decided if I ever was to marry Michelle, that I would make it the best and most romantic proposal ever. I decided to find the ring that I knew she always wanted, she always said it didnt matter, but I wanted to blow her away. I whisked the most beautiful woman off of her feet and put her on a plane bound for Glasgow, Scotland. I spent the next few days with my friend, searching for that perfect place. It was already in my head, I just had to find it. We visited many beautiful castles, all with so much beauty and history, but it wasnt until we found Loch Leven Castle that I knew my search was over. Loch Leven Castle, a beautifully preserved and restored piece of magic. Surrounded by a beautiful lake, the only way to get there was by boat. We woke early one morning to take a motorcycle ride to Edinburgh (she thought) as we came over a hill on the highway, I pointed out the castle to her and we decided to take a closer look.

We parked the bike and rode the boat across the choppy water, but it was perfect, the sun was out and we were in each others arms. We spent the next half hour walking through the grounds and finally to the tower. I suddenly faked an upset stomach and told her I would be right back. Upon entering the restrooms, my friend was waiting with my Kilt, Shirt, socks, shoes and sword… yes a broadsword replica, just like the one William Wallace held. My bagpiper was also waiting in the wings and a friend with a videocamera was also hiding around the corner. We headed back towards the castle, pipes now loudly playing, me walking with my head high and a tear in my eye. Michelle saw us coming but thought that we were performers, maybe for a castle show, but as I got closer she knew it was me. Her eyes filled up with tears, as did mine…as did the pipers. I took her wonderful hand and led her to the top of the tower. The piper was playing Caledonia (our song) as I took a knee. I looked into her eyes and said I love ya, I always have, will you make me the happiest man alive, but … hahaha …she didnt hear me because the pipes were so loud. She knew what I was asking and she said Yes We embraced, cried and looked at each other with love we knew would never die. We met our friends downstairs and drank OJ and Champagne. We spent the rest of the trip touring Scotland. I had to do it right, she was my one true love…