Knowing the time is right

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Some guys just know the time is right to propose. Maybe its an instinct. Maybe a little birdie or their girlfriend whispers in their ear. Whatever it is, the moment makes sense and they run with it no questions asked. Chances are good youre not one of those guys, though. If you were, you wouldnt be reading this. But listen: Thats okay! A lot is at stake when youre thinking about proposing. It makes sense to think things through.

Nows the time to ask yourself a few key questions:

1. How long have I been dating this girl? And, more importantly, am I comfortable with how well I know her?

Actually, the length of your relationship is relative. Some people know each other for ten months and get hitched; others take ten years. So the crucial question is, are you comfortable with how well you know her? The keyword there is comfortable. You probably dont know everything about her especially if youve never spent extended periods of time together. So there are things youre first going to learn when you get married. For example, maybe she leaves the cap off the toothpaste (not that we know anybody who does that *cough*). It helps to think that shes The One someone you love so much that youre willing to deal with all the surprises, whatever they may be.

2. Forget about thinking shes The One. I already think that. When will I know it?

Not every guy gets to be The Bachelor. So unless youre trying to narrow your choice down from a group of, say, 25 beautiful women, theres a good chance shes the only woman in your life. But this is good. This makes things easier. Why? Because its all about her now. Yeah, sure, there are other fish in the sea, but this is the one you caught, and all it comes down to is whether youre all right with that. So ask yourself: Do you finish each others sentences? Does it hurt you when shes hurting? And can you live a single day without her? That last ones a clincher. If you think you can live just as easily without her, maybe you shouldnt live with her maybe she isnt The One.

3. This is awesome. I cant even imagine living another day without her! I know shes The One now. Im so happy. Is that all there is to it?

Not quite. Some guys know theyve found The One and still end up waiting years before popping the question. Everyones got his own pace. Maybe youre the only tortoise in a group full of hares; all your friends are getting married and you feel pressured to do the same. Well, pressure isnt a great reason to plunk down a couple of bucks on a nice shiny diamond, is it? Maybe it is. Thats for you to decide. Just know that youre about to go through some major life changes. If youre ready, willing, and able to do that, and if you think shes The One, the time may be right to propose.