R. Lodgins’s Marriage Proposal

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Easter egg

Age:20-25 years old
Partners Gender:Female
Partners Age:20-25 years old
The Proposal:The proposal was in private
Relationship Period:1 Year
Approx. Budget:Below $500

Best Marriage Proposals: ***I surprised Sophie at Easter: I prepared 8 Easter eggs, all decorated with red hearts and flowers – I ordered them especially, each one had a letter painted on it, I then put them all in a basket and left them in a place easily to be seen. Inside the basket there was also an envelope saying on its outside For Sophie. The letter inside instructed her to sort out the eggs so to put together a sentence – I made up a kind of Easter quiz…. When she saw the basket, she read the letter and looked at me with a puzzled look and smiled – she knew me and my jokes – I enjoy pulling tricks on people, although they were usually friendly and nice. It wasn’t long until she solved the riddle and the words MARRY ME? where perfectly made up by a row of decorated Easter eggs….. Her answer of course was YES! we kissed and hugged and spent the rest of our Easter holiday in bed…. Today we keep the Easter eggs on a small shelve prepared especially for them in our house, Sophie still thinks they are adorable!