Romantic Ways to Propose

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Here are some romantic ways to propose

  1. .Invite her to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Make sure the restaurant is romantic, preferably candlelight with soft music. Order a bottle of good wine and build up the atmosphere: romance, love and an intimate conversation. Tell her how much you love her and how important she is to you. Remind her of some of the lovely moments youve shared together, and then kneel down on one knee, pull out the engagement ring and ask her to marry you.
  2. Visit a romantic place – choosing the right scenery can make all the difference; sometimes by choosing a romantic place you solve most of the dilemma of how can I propose in a romantic way. Sailing on a gondola in Venice, visiting the top of Eifel Tower, a beautiful mountain or stream in the countryside – each of these places and many more is sure to be a romantic place to propose to your beloved one.
  3. Sing her a song – women love romance and music, and most would appreciate a man who expresses his love in such a romantic way as singing a song. Your performance can take place in different locations: restaurant, the countryside, at home or at a resort. All that matters is that you sing truly from your heart. Shedding tears, a loving hug and the answer yes is sure to be your reword.
  4. Some more romantic accessories: flowers, candlelight, good wine and good music – all these are essential for the romantic marriage proposal you are planning. Use them wisely and elegantly and they will win you the-million-dollar answer: YES!