There are so many unique ways to propose; as the number of romantic couples so are there unique ways to propose. Weve created a list describing some of the unique and exciting ways to propose:

  1. Use usual items and turn them into something unique and special: print on a T-shirt and make sure to wear it when she least expects it. Hang a sign up in the house or in public – this simple gesture has proven to be one of the most exciting ways to offer.
  2. Unusual places – proposing marriage while camping out, flying in a hot air balloon, or visiting a safari in Africa – any original and unique place will increase your special moment and turn it into an unforgettable moment which will long be talked of.
  3. Some unique marriage proposals require long preparations: printing a message in a magazine, flying in an airplane over a field covered with a large sign saying: will you marry me. All the preparations turn out to be worthwhile – your marriage proposal will be unique and exciting, increasing the chances of your sweet beloved one to say the magic word: YES.
  4. Using street performers, friends dressed up as cops or public service men who attend your loved one and then surprise her with a romantic letter from you, asking her to marry you – all means are good, just make sure your unique marriage proposal consists of romance, humor, style, drama and glamor. The unique mix of these elements ensures that you create a successful marriage proposal.