Ways to Propose Marriage

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There are many ways to propose; as the number of people walking on earth, so are there ways to propose. The way to propose is a combination of where, how and of course, who. It is you and your love who will make your marriage proposal unique, exciting and meaningful. But let’s try and make some order in the endless possibilities that stand in front of you.

Large production

In this category of marriage proposals you would find surprising and dramatic elements as: including an orchestra, proposing while flying in an airplane, or perhaps while sky diving, flying in an airplane and seeing from above a large sign saying: will you marry me?, painting a bus with the question and riding it so she (and many more people) could see it. This category is hard to define because of its variety and unexpected elements. It is most suitable to bold, expressive and humorous couples.

Medium scale production

Romantic, fun and with a dash of your unique style, these marriage proposals are most likely to happen during a romantic vacation or dinner. Don’t forget to add something little that is you – a love letter, choosing her favorite song, arranging a beautiful dinner at her favorite restaurant, etc. it could be something small but meaningful, showing you have thought of her while pondering the best way to propose to her.

Artistic marriage proposals

These marriage proposals are characterized by unique ideas, but unlike the large production, revolve around a small trophy such as a sexy dress with the writing: will you marry me or decorating the house with a picture prepared especially for the event. For the romantic and graceful lovers.


Ski vacation, hiking, canoeing or just playing follow the signs leading to you, holding a magnificent diamond ring. Go as far as you can, think globally and ask your love to marry you. These are some of the ways to propose, and are perfect for the sportive woman who loves breathtaking experiences.