Why won’t he propose?

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No worries: millions of women have pondered this question since the begging of history. Most of them married and lived happily ever after. We believe you are one of those, usually it is only a matter of time until he will propose to you, men tend to take their time when it comes to the question of their life: when should I propose to her? So don’t despair straighten up and smile at the world: he is going to propose to you one of these days, and until then, you are going to enjoy life!We have gathered a few tips that have proven useful to many women in your state:

  1. Have fun: when you enjoy life people will notice it instantly, including the man of your dreams.
  2. Love your self: don’t think that because he still hasn’t had the sense to propose to you, you are not worth it. Wondering why wont he propose is one thing, but don’t confuse it with self criticism.
  3. Talk to him. Besides being a good friend who is interested in his daily experiences, for good or bad, try to understand his thoughts about life: does he count you in when talking about future plans, what does he think of marriage – does he speak against it or for it whenever the subject is mentioned. Noticing these little acts of his will teach you a lot about the man with whom you spend your nights and days, and will help you know if he is serious or not about your relationship.
  4. Charms and hints: use your best charms and sweetest hints to make him notice your dream – getting married.